A member congregation of

Member of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
We are Located in Maryville, Tennessee.

Who’s Who at Praise


Our Pastor: Rev. Derek Roberts

Pastor Roberts was installed at Praise Lutheran Church on February 12, 2012. He is a seminary trained, called, and ordained pastor of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (ordained January 29, 2006). Pastor Roberts previously served First Lutheran Church and School in Knoxville, Tennessee as associate pastor and campus pastor for Lutheran students at the University of Tennessee. He is married to Gretchen and has 3 children: Kate, Sophia, and Jonathan.

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Council Officers

Chuck Pettyjohn, Congregational President

Tom Wittkopp, Vice President

Lisa Stremsterfer, Secretary

Tamera Clemmer, Treasurer

Billye Raye Smith, Financial Secretary



Paul Ruble, Chairman

Ed Bagley

Ben DeHaven

Andrew Hebar

Dick Mohr

Alan Stremsterfer

Jim Vesper


Church Committees



Kris Smith



Barbara McGillick



Tim Smith

Shelby Smith



Bob McDermmott

Larry Bembas

Jim Roberts


Ad Hoc Committees

Altar Guild

Candace & Chuck Pettyjohn, Chair

Phyllis & Larry Bembas

Amy Mohr

Maureen & Jim Roberts

Marleen Baerns

Myrna Frazier

Cathy Wacker

Carol Moehling

Chloe Pettyjohn

Prayer Chain

Theresa Lindsey, Chair

Ladies Bible Study

Lisa Gift, Teacher & Host

Lector Schedule

Tom Schering, Chair

Greeters Schedule

Carol Moehling, Chair


Chuck Pettyjohn, Chair


Long Range Planning

Paul Ruble, Chair

Chuck Pettyjohn, ex officio

Pastor Roberts, ex officio

[plus Planning Council members]

Safety & Security

Ed Bagley

Paul Ruble

John Pettyjohn

Tim Smith

Chuck Pettyjohn, ex officio

Pastor Roberts, ex officio

Youth Group

Shelby Smith

Kitchen/Fellowship [ad hoc committee]

Theresa Lindsay, Coordinator

plus cast of thousands 🙂

Music Committee

Darlyn Burch, Chair

Laura Bisconte, choir director

Carolyn Goodrich, pianist & organist

Susan Johnson, pianist

Tami DeHaven, organist & pianist