Join us in Building a Sanctuary

 A Praise-worthy Place for God’s Presence and People — in Maryville, Tennessee

“The need is evident. The plans are exciting…and reasonable. And thanks to our Build Team, the possibilities are now tangible. Thanks be to God!”

Dr. Tom Wittkopp, Congregational President

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Take an aerial walkthrough of what Praise Lutheran could soon be with your support.

Through the centuries, Christians have gathered in the Sanctuary to behold God. It is the holy and heavenly space for singing, mourning, marrying, and rejoicing. Sunday mornings, the first day of the week. Midweek services too. God’s people gather there to call on the name of the Lord. The Sanctuary is our home away from home. It is our home with God.

Let’s step inside and behold the beauty of the Lord’s Sanctuary that we hope to build with your prayers and support.

After careful study of our property and professional help from ArchKinetic (architecture, planning, development, design) and Cornerstone Farm Construction, we have a plan of what we can do together for the Lord and the Gospel and for all. We realize this is a blessed place to have a Sanctuary for the greater Knoxville region in the foothills of the beautiful Smoky Mountain National Park, in Maryville, Tennessee.

Now take some time to explore a more in-depth presentation of the floor plans and design renderings–enjoy the music!

But why this, why now? Answer: God has been adding to our number at Praise, so we realized the need to build a new Sanctuary with greater capacity. It also seemed good to try and re-purpose our current structure since God has blessed us with it (and our property guys have kept it in great shape!). We’ve gotten by with a mostly gravel parking lot for many years, so we’re excited to offer paved parking, have more classrooms for our kids to learn, and have a larger Social Hall for studying the truth, host receptions, guest speakers, and celebrating all that life brings. In short, the build is in response to God’s work among us. The need is real and God is at work to prepare us to welcome even more to be served by His Son and the life restoring truth of the  Gospel. 

Guided by the Holy Spirit and motivated by love for the lost and wandering, let’s build this together. 

Tentative Timeline (2020-2021)

March-May: Spread the news of the plans to build. Begin Phase 2 of Architecture and Engineering (A&E). Pray and give thanks.

June-August: Plan our Immeasurably More capital campaign with the help of Lutheran Church Extension Fund. 

Sept-October: Host a “Giving Sunday” for our members and all those interested in pledging support.

November-January (2021): Finish up Phase 2 and begin Phase 3 of A&E.

February-March: The Lord-willing, we’ll have a ground-breaking ceremony! Construction begins (weather and funding permitting).

Fall or Winter of 2021: Dedication of the new Sanctuary and classrooms. Give thanks to the Lord. Praise Him in His House and bless His people with Life!



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