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Quiz: Who, What, When, Where, Why, God, Why?


Quiz: Basics of the Bible

The Ten Commandments

Quiz: God Reveals the Way of Love

[Table 1: Love for God]

Quiz: First Commandment: Only God is God; You shall have no other.
Quiz: Second Commandment: Use God’s Name Rightly; Do not misuse it.
Quiz: Third Commandment: Keep the Sabbath Holy; Remember and honor it.

[Table 2: Love for Your Neighbor]

Quiz: Fourth Commandment: Honor Your Parents
Quiz: Fifth Commandment: Respect Life and Do not Murder
Quiz: Sixth Commandment: Honor Marriage and Do not commit Adultery
Quiz: Seventh Commandment: Respect Everything that Belongs to Your Neighbor
Quiz: Eighth Commandment: Guard the Reputation of Others
Quiz: Ninth & Tenth Commandments: Be Content and Do not Covet

[Close of the Commandments and More]

Quiz: Close of the Commandments: Rewards and Punishments
Quiz: The Law exists for Good Reasons
Quiz: Sin is Lawlessness and its Inherited
Quiz: Law is quite different than Gospel!

The Creed

Quiz: An Old and Worthy Summary of the Trinity

[The Three Articles of the Apostles’ Creed]

Quiz: First Article: God the Father Almighty, Creator
Quiz: Second Article: Jesus Christ, His only Son, Redeemer
Quiz: Third Article: The Holy Spirit, Sanctifier

[Work related to the Holy Spirit]

Quiz: The Communion (of saints or holy things)
Quiz: The Holy Christian Church
Quiz: The Forgiveness of Sins
Quiz: The Resurrection of the Body
Quiz: The Life Everlasting

The Lord’s Prayer

Quiz: Lord, Teach us to Pray

Quiz: Our Father
Quiz: Hallowed be Thy Name
Quiz: Thy Kingdom Come
Quiz: Thy Will be Done
Quiz: Give us our Daily Bread
Quiz: Lead us not into Temptation
Quiz: Deliver us from Evil
Quiz: Doxology


Quiz: Sacraments Deliver the Salvation that Jesus Accomplished on Earth
Quiz: Baptism (Sacrament of Holy Baptism)

Quiz: The Lord’s Supper (Sacrament of the Altar)

Ministry and More

Quiz: Confession and Absolution
Quiz: The Office of Holy Ministry
Quiz: Table of Duties: Vocation is Your Calling
Quiz: Stewardship
Quiz: The Church Year
Quiz: The Divine Service
Quiz: Worship Now and Forever

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